All arranged at one location

Whether it's receptions, meetings, parties or team-building sessions on the private beach; Event Centre Vinkeveen has everything you need to host a high-profile event. Overnight stays are also possible thanks to the 86 luxury hotel rooms of the adjacent Leonardo Hotel. Arjan de Ridder, General Manager of Leonardo Hotel Vinkeveen Amsterdam, updates us on the brand's positioning and the things that are important to his clients.

Unique concept

“The beauty of Event Centre Vinkeveen is the special character of the location (on the Vinkeveense Plassen) as well as everything the venue has to offer. There are actually few places in the Netherlands where you find everything we have here so close together in one location: high-end catering from The Harbour Club, the opportunity to stay overnight in the Leonardo Hotel, lots of natural beauty, a private beach and the Event Centre itself, our ‘Black Box’. That name has to do with the look, of course, but also with the Event Centre’s versatility. It lends itself perfectly to the diverse events we organise for our clients.”

"We have an intrinsic drive to do better than the rest."

High expectations

The events we organise are one-of-a-kind, designed to inspire and amaze. Easier said than done of course, but that is something the team also works hard for time and again. After all, our clients expect it. We focus mainly on organising events for corporate Netherlands. Large(er) companies that, for example, have a product launch in prospect, are celebrating an anniversary or want to discuss new strategies in a different setting. For these parties, the quality of the execution is directly related to the company’s reputation. High expectations therefore – and we do everything we can to meet them.


That is also immediately where the great strength of Event Centre Vinkeveen and our team lies: total event management. This means unburdening our clients in every possible way. No matter for whom we work, the questions and concerns in many cases boil down to the same thing: ‘have we thought of everything and will everything work out?’ As Event Centre Vinkeveen, we have the intrinsic drive to do better than the rest. So we can also answer those questions with a convincing ‘yes’.

"What story do we want to tell and does that appeal to the right customers?"

About the brand

“We started working with Commandos to determine how we could establish Event Centre Vinkeveen as a brand and what kind of proposition this would require. As far as business is concerned, we have nothing to complain about, but the market is now such that it is no longer self-evident. It is therefore important that we have a clear view of our strategy and our plans. What story do we want to tell and do we appeal to the right customers with that? That’s what it comes down to. The guys at Commandos definitely helped us make decisions in that regard. No gigantic revelations of course, but also applying the right nuance can ultimately make a big difference.”