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Investing in branding is an investment in your company’s future. At the end of the day, talent prefers to work for a strong brand, and customers go for brands that they love. We don’t say Branding Means Business for nothing. When a business has a strong brand, it leads to better marketing results. However, what is the process of achieving successful branding? Commandos works with a clear process where we get your brand strategy completely in order in three steps.

We beginnen bij het begin, misschien wel de belangrijkste stap: het fundament van het merk. We doen marktonderzoek, gaan in gesprek met de klant en gebruiken commerciële en creatieve inzichten om het grote idee achter een merk effectief te definiëren.

Als de theoretische basis van het merk goed is neergezet, starten wij met de ontwikkeling van een complete visuele identiteit die de waarden van het merk belichaamt.

Marketing heeft succes omdat het merk goed staat. Succesvolle marketing draagt bij aan de toenemende kracht van het merk. Het is een positieve feedback loop die ervoor zorgt dat sterke merken zich onverstoorbaar en koersvast op een markt kunnen begeven.

Our process works for your business
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Curious to see how this works in practice? Our clients are more than happy to tell you about the impact that branding has had on their business and what it is like to work with Commandos.

Our work
I just want a website, is branding really that important?
Of course, we can build a website for you, but it's better to look at the bigger picture. From experience we know that Commandos' clients achieve significant growth within a short period of time when branding is given the attention it deserves.
I am currently a client of another creative agency, is it difficult to switch?
Customers can sometimes be put off by this, but it is actually very easy to make the switch and we are well placed to make the process easier for you.
What if parts of our brand look good?
Commandos is experienced when it comes to rebranding. The audit component of the second step of the branding process is designed to get a good picture of the brand as it is. What is right, what is wrong and where do we need to take a critical look if we want to make the next step with the brand and the company.
What does (re)branding cost?
The question is not what it costs, but what it delivers 😉 A strong brand should pay off quickly. So we prefer to talk about (re)branding as an investment. The value of your brand ultimately affects the overall value of your business.
Specifically, what do I get when I work with Commandos?
When (re)branding, you often think of a new visual identity, but this is only part of the formula. The growth and success of our clients is our top priority. So not only do the brands that we build have to be right, but they also have to deliver in terms of extra turnover, positive energy and more satisfied customers.