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Commandos branding services are high quality and help your business grow successfully. Our ambition goes beyond growth, our work revolves around people. That is why we offer various branding services that we use to achieve your goals. Our work should lead to results, and results are easier to achieve with a strong brand and a smart approach. We do not say Branding Means Business for nothing. We offer the following branding services

our work leads to results
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We believe that strategy is the foundation for every change, and it forms the base of success for any business or organisation. What is the next step to achieve your goals?That is the question we aim to answer, by developing a tailor-made strategy that takes your brand to the next step with our branding services. Your brand strategy is designed to help you build a strong authentic brand that embraces your business and reflects on your company and target audience. We take a refreshing approach to branding, by examining every aspect of your business to ensure that your brand identity is consistent across all channels. 


  • Branding strategy
  • Rebranding strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Concept & campaign development
  • Internal and external communication
  • Customer journey


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Brand design and graphic design

Good design makes all the difference. Good design makes all the difference. We strongly believe that design is not only about what you see, but that it is a mindset of your target audience that we positively change. Your brand should give people the energy to go for it again.


Design is an important component of our branding service since a well designed brand effectively communicates your business value and message. With our art direction and branding expertise, we can create a unique visual identity that reflects the essence of your brand.

  • Art direction
  • Brand identity
  • Grafisch Ontwerp
  • Fotografie
  • Copywriting

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Digital design and web development

Digital design is a big part of our branding service and has the power to transform and enhance the user experience. If your business is looking to create a new website or restyle an exciting one, our team is here to help you every step of the way. 

Our UX designer creates engaging interfaces that connect with your target audience, while our UI designer delivers stunning and functional digital experiences for your business. Our developers ensure seamless delivery of beautiful advanced technology.

  • Frontend Development
  • Full Stack development
  • UI design
  • UX design
  • Integraties & API

Let us help you put a smile on your customers faces through digital design.

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Growth and activation of your brand

We believe that successful brands must continuously adapt to the needs of their customers and the world we live in. That is why we are here to help develop your brand into a platform for dynamic growth. As part of our branding services, we offer a wide range of brand activation services, including organic and paid traffic strategies and social media management.

Remon and Brant Commandos

Organic traffic offers a sustainable and effective way to increase your brand’s visibility and reach and activate your target audiences. Paid traffic enables companies to quickly and efficiently reach their target audience, build brand awareness and drive conversions. With social Media management your business can create loyalty and engage with your target audience, this will help your business maintain a strong online presence. To drive more conversions and reach a larger audience we can combine it with Social media advertising and experiment with different campaigns. The campaigns are always optimised and the results shared with you, so you always know that we are using your budget as efficiently as possible.

We will help you choose the right brand activation strategy that aligns with your business goals and budget.

  • Brand activation
  • Paid traffic (SEA and Social Media advertising)
  • Organic Traffic (SEO)
  • Social Media Management

Let us help you create a lasting impression and leave a positive impact on your clients. 

Make a lasting impression
Branding services that delivers results

At Commandos, you can count on quality branding services that helps your company achieve your goals. Our approach is focused on collaboration, working with you to ensure that your vision and values ​​are represented in your brand. Our focus is on providing our clients with the right tools and strategies to achieve success that makes them stand out in their market.

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